Welcome to "A Club with No Name" !

Dick and Jane's "A Club With No Name" is currently hosting on premise lifestyle parties in the suburban Chicago area. We have a steadily growing, diverse group of friendly, fun loving couples and singles that we have met during our twenty years in the swinging lifestyle. We do our best to provide a nice dinner buffet and a wide variety of music to enjoy and dance to. Our goal is to provide a safe, fun atmosphere for our guests to spend an enjoyable evening.

Try us out. We think you'll enjoy it!


About The Hosts 

We've been married for 33 years and have been around the lifestyle for more than 20 years. We've learned a lot about hosting lifestyle events from our friends Dave and Dawn, who were the founders and original owners of Couples Choice. We have been co-hosts (and he's been a popular DJ) for several clubs over the years. We have made many friends while we've been involved. In early 2009, Max and Eva, the owners of Couples Playhouse offered us an opportunity to host some Friday events at their facility. We've become empty nesters, so we decided to try to host some of our own parties at Max and Eva's place. We received a lot of positive feedback about our parties from our guests. During the summer of 2009, we were offered a chance to start hosting monthly events at Couples Choice. We continued hosting events on the second Friday of each month through February 2013. Our events have steadily grown in popularity since we started hosting parties. We have our own place now! It's The Upper LevelAs far as the name we chose, our screen names on several lifestyle websites are Dick and Jane. We think "A Club With No Name" is an amusing name that people will remember.


About "The Upper Level"

During the spring of 2011, we got the hair-brained idea to host some events at our own place. With the help and hard work of some special people, we were able to host our first event at The Upper Level in July 2011. Our facility is smaller and more intimate than some of the other places where we have hosted events. We can accomodate 25-30 couples. Our guests have been very complimentary about what we have put together. Many of our guests have even told us that The Upper Level is their favorite place to party! We are currently hosting several themed events at The Upper Level each month. Check out our Upcoming Events page to see what's happening at our place.